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iPhone App The Collegiate Crusher

The Collegiate Crusher

Coached by Josh Crosby

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Available in iTunes App Store and Samsung Galaxy App Store

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'The Collegiate Crusher', inspired by Coach Josh Crosby's days on the Brown University rowing team, will bring your indoor rowing skills and conditioning to new heights. This 36-minute workout starts off with some solid endurance work, then shifts into heart pounding intervals. Technique cues and coaching hone your rowing skills while perceived exertion and stroke rate guide your intensity.

To keep you motivated, Josh Crosby has added a competitive twist to this exercise by placing you in the 'Jr. Varsity' boat as you to take on the 'Varsity' team. It's your turn to finally earn your seat on Varsity, but, you'll have to work for it!

Available in the iTunes App Store & works with iPhone 4s & up.

Available at Samsung Galaxy App Store works with most Samsung devices

*Phones not included

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