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iPhone App AMRAP - Arms

AMRAP - Arms

Coached by Nancy Anderson

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Available in iTunes App Store and Samsung Galaxy App Store

Sample Audio

Type: Strength
Where: Anywhere
Equipment: Medium Dumbbells
Difficulty: Moderate
Total Duration: 15 Minutes

Video: Please select the video icon below to watch and learn proper form for each exercise in the workout before you begin.

In this high-energy workout you will be doing as many rounds as possible in a certain period of time for each group of exercises, also known as AMRAP. This AMRAP workout focuses on delts, biceps, and triceps. It will build your muscle endurance through a blend of strength and cardio intervals to get you in shape in minutes!

Available in the iTunes App Store & works with iPhone 4s & up.

Available at Samsung Galaxy App Store works with most Samsung devices

*Phones not included

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