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iPhone App Easy Cardio 2

Easy Cardio 2

Coached by Robert Reames

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Available in iTunes App Store and Samsung Galaxy App Store

Sample Audio

Type: Walking
Where: Indoors / Outdoors 
Equipment: None
Difficulty: Easy
Total duration: 25 Minutes 

The RR Easy Cardio 2  minute interval training workout is an easy to light moderate level workout for the Pear user that wants a challenge, yet is not ready to run, climb or bike at the Zone 5 high intensity level at this point. 

This workout begins with a warm up in Zone 1 moving then to various intervals throughout from your Zones 2 and Zone 3. It can be done at an outside location you have access to or any cardio machine of choice.

The longest high intensity interval will last 3 minutes. 

Conquer this Phase 1 series using this as to elevate and integrate into the many workouts available to you on Pear Sports Mobile!




Available in the iTunes App Store & works with iPhone 4s & up.

Available at Samsung Galaxy App Store works with most Samsung devices

*Phones not included