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iPhone App Pregnancy Tabata Toning

Pregnancy Tabata Toning

Coached by Nancy Anderson

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Available in iTunes App Store and Samsung Galaxy App Store

Sample Audio

Type: Core / Strength
Where: Gym / Indoor
Equipment: Dumbbells
Difficulty: Moderate
Total Duration: 21 Minutes

IMPORTANT: Watch the videos demonstrating correct technique for each of the exercises before you do the workout.

This workout uses the Tabata protocol of 20 seconds of maximum effort followed by 10 seconds of complete rest will tone and tighten every muscle group.

The 20/10 ratio will effectively work both your aerobic and anaerobic metabolic pathways more efficiently than longer bouts of exercise, another great way to prepare your body for baby-pushin time!

This workout is great for all trimesters and also would be very beneficial for your fourth trimester (post-natal) to help get that pre-baby body back! This is a routine that can be done in a small space, using a set of medium dumbbells of your choice.

Available in the iTunes App Store & works with iPhone 4s & up.

Available at Samsung Galaxy App Store works with most Samsung devices

*Phones not included

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