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iPhone App Zero to Running® 10k

Zero to Running® 10k

Coached by Jenny Hadfield

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Available in iTunes App Store and Samsung Galaxy App Store

8Week(s) 3Workouts/Week Sample Audio

Type: Run
Where: Outdoor
Equipment: None
Difficulty: Moderate
Workout Durations: 40-50 Minutes, 4-6 Miles

Just finished the Zero to Running® Plan 5K and looking for your next goal? Download the Zero to Running® 10K Plan and continue your progress to running farther, faster and preparing for your first 10K.

The 8-week training plan includes three running workouts per week, builds your running endurance from 3 miles to 6 miles, and incorporates 10K specific interval and tempo workouts to improve your speed and stamina. You'll learn training tips and race day strategies and get coached through your 10K race to learn how to pace yourself to a strong finish.

The 10K plan picks up where the Zero to Running® 5K plan left off - at 3 miles - and builds slowly to allow your body time to adapt to the demands of running farther and faster. It's is also perfect for those who have been running 30-40 minutes three times per week and want to train for a 10K.

The goal of the Zero to Running® Series is to help you discover your inner runner and guide you to running happily to your first 30 minutes, 5K and more!

IMPORTANT: This plan in particular delivers periodic stats that cannot be turned off. To avoid overhearing stats and for the best user experience, please preset your periodic stats to NEVER, prior to downloading this plan. Settings / Workout Audio / Periodic Stats.

Available in the iTunes App Store & works with iPhone 4s & up.

Available at Samsung Galaxy App Store works with most Samsung devices

*Phones not included

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